Chocolate Fountains 


Uniquely presented with an illuminated table topper featuring Callebaut chocolate in milk or dark. Upon request, we can provide white chocolate and other colours such as red, yellow, blue, green, and orange.
All rentals include 4 hours of enjoyment, skewers, napkins, and delivery within the Victoria area. Additional time and chocolate may be purchased. Fruit and biscuit platters are available based on a per person fee. Storage Fee of $50 per fountain per day applies if fountain is not returned in rental period.

Extra Large Fountain

Extra large fountain served with 30 lbs of chocolate, good for groups over 250 guests, or for those extreme chocolate lovers!

Large Fountain

Large fountain served with 20 lbs of chocolate. Serves up to 250 guest.

Small Fountain

Small fountain served with 10lbs of chocolate Serves up to 125 guests.

Extra Small Fountain

Mini fountain served with 5 lbs of chocolate. Serves up to 30 guest.

Dipping Goodies

Dipping Items $2.50 per/person, Based on 4-6 bites per person. Strawberries, pineapples, cantaloupe, marshmallows, graham crackers, angle food cake, pound cake, chocolate chip cookies, sugar and shortbread cookies, Oreo cookies, cream puffs, Rice Krispies, and lady fingers.

Champagne Fountain

Create lasting memories with an elegant Champagne fountain which provides the ambiance of a cascading waterfall complete with lights. The fountain may be embellished with fresh flowers nestled in the crown. Any beverage of your choice is suitable, such as Champagne, wine, or spirits – the possibilities are endless! Glasses, tables, and linens are available for rent upon request.

Gold Package

Includes a Melting Moments attendant, fresh flower display, a platter of fresh strawberries, fluted glasses and seven litres of your preferred non-alcoholic beverage. Our specialty is a fruit punch. This provides ample refreshments for up to 100 guests.

Silver Package

Includes a fresh flower display and a platter of fresh strawberries for your champagne glass.

Bronze Package

Champagne Fountain delivery and pick up service only. The fountain is simple to operate and we are always available if any assistance is required.

Granitia Machine

Granita Machine Option 1

Filled with juice mix and ready to serve to your guests,
12 lts each side *2 flavours.

Granita Machine Option 2

This is just the rental of the machine, with no juice provided.
You must pick up and drop off the unit from our warehouse.
If required Delivery Fee $50 each way.

Granita Machine Option  3

Granita Cups 12 oz $15 per /100
Straws $10 per / 100
Special Flavours available As per request.